Check out a selection of my published writing, from travel stories to arts & culture pieces. While I'm proud of all of them, perhaps the pinnacle of my career was this interview with Zac Hanson of '90s pop mega-group Hanson. What didn't make it to print: Zac serenading me with an impromptu chorus of "MMMbop." I still have the recording.

February 2015: As the subject of the story for once, featured me in its Fashion Flash series.

Freshwater Cleveland
October 2018: I wrote about a creative, new way to manage your inbox with Email Strategy Cards.
October 2018: I explored the crafts of blacksmithing & glass blowing in the city of Cleveland.
August 2018: I previewed Flaming River Con, the Midwest's first LGBTQIA+ geek con. 

Heinen's Grocery Store
April 2018: I wrote about Old World-style Cleveland favorite Raddell's Sausage Shop.
April 2018: I dug into the The Pierogi Lady's recipe inspiration.
February 2018: I wrote about an entrepreneur trying to feed the nation with vegan fare.
September 2017: I detailed how Erie Bone Broth was born and the health benefits of the savory soup.
August 2017: I went behind-the-scenes at Randy's Pickles.
May 2017: I shared the secrets to the perfect pie at Mama Jo's Homestyle Pies.
April 2017: I showed how to throw a fun Derby Day party.

Cool Cleveland
July 2016: I revisited the world of Harry Potter for events celebrating the wizard's 36th birthday.
July 2016: I wrote a short preview of a facial hair face-off.

Ohio Magazine

November 2013: I wrote about why the coastal town of Vermilion is one of Ohio's Best Hometowns.
July 2013: I took readers on a tour of the city of Findlay.
May 2013: I wrote about revamped vintage furniture store, Heck's Revival.
March 2013: I told the story of the Oberlin College record label and recording studio.
November 2012: I wrote about the post-flood comeback of the city of Findlay and what made it one of the state's Best Hometowns.
August 2012: I wrote about the Midcentury Modern trend in home décor, and visited a local home epitomizing the style
July 2012: I gave readers reasons to explore the village of Archbold.
March 2012: I gave a sneak preview of the Greater Cleveland Aquarium.
January 2012: I detailed destinations in the town of Archbold.
October 2011: I took readers on a tour of the best ways to see fall color throughout the state: by rail, water or zipline.
September 2011: I wrote about an unconventional brewery tour in Cincinnati.
July 2011: I wrote about an out-of-this-world NASA exhibit at the Ohio State Fair.
April 2011: I wrote about how a business selling state of Ohio-shaped ice cube trays developed from a unique marriage proposal.
January 2011: I detailed a handful of one-of-a-kind events and destinations in the town of Wapakoneta.
November 2010: I explained why the town of Wapakoneta is one of Ohio's best places to live.
November 2010: I unraveled the history of sewing and its resurgence in popularity.
August 2010: I told the story of a true patriot selling only American-made products.
May 2010: I wrote about Dancing Classrooms Northeast Ohio, teaching fifth-graders important lessons about life through ballroom dance.
March 2010: I wrote about a festival celebrating Ohio native, Annie Oakley.
January 2010: I highlighted a few standout features of the town of Sylvania.
October 2009: I wrote about purveyor of disguises, the Akron Design & Costume Company.
July 2009: I interviewed Cleveland's most famous peddler of toys, Steve Presser, owner of Big Fun.
June 2009: I interviewed Columbus jazz legend, Gene Walker, for a story about the revitalization of the beautiful and historic Lincoln Theatre.
December 2008: I told the story of a tenacious teen who won a trip to the Arctic to study polar bears.

Cleveland Magazine

June 2008: I visited NASA for a look at a revolutionary gravity defying treadmill.
April 2008: I sampled a sandwich Elvis would have loved at Melt Bar & Grilled. This story is framed and displayed on the wall at Melt's original location in Lakewood, Ohio.
March 2008: I wrote about how a home roasting operation using a popcorn popper grew into the Erie Island Coffee Company.
March 2008: I shared some cookie baking tips from Sister Mary Assumpta, who had a cameo in the film Major League.